Setting up Herschel isn't difficult.  Just read through the following checklist and make sure you have all the information you'll need.

If you need more information about the various options used, just search our solutions database.

1Your copy of Herschel may have been supplied with a set of example data.  You can check this by opening the partnumber enquiry option in any module and looking for partnumber CAR01.  All example data should be removed before your own data is entered.  Use the Manager option clear all datafiles to do this.

2Next enter the details of your business using the Manager option my information tool

3Now enter the details of your system users using the Manager option user details tool. To save time you can copy the example users supplied with the system.

4Once you have entered the details of your users make sure you delete the example users - or change their passwords from the default PASSWORD. Print out a copy of the Manager module's user details report and file this for future reference.

5Next enter the default tax rate (eg. VAT in the UK) for the system, using the Manager option VAT details tool.

6If you intend using the multi-currency features of the system then use the Manager option currency tool to enter details of the currencies required.

7Next initialize Herschel’s document numbers using the Manager options initialize documents and add more documents.

8If you intend using the Buy, Sell, Shop or Plan modules you should enter details of your planned non-working days for the coming months (eg. holidays, weekends) using the manager option non-working days tool.

9Now, before implementing any further parts of Herschel, ensure that you start a regular routine of backing up the system. You should ideally back up all files in the \HERSCHEL_V12 folder and all the folders underneath.  The one folder you MUST backup is \HERSCHEL_V12\LIVEDATA which contains your live data files.

Now work through the implementation checklists for each of the Herschel modules, starting with the Store module.