The following points should be considered when planning the implementation:

Project leader
Ideally a person with good project management skills and a thorough knowledge of how your company operates should lead the implementation. They should also have an understanding of Windows and your network.
Using an external consultant to help you implement the system can often prove to be very cost effective, especially if you are new to the concepts of computerised stock and production control.  Note however, in the past most Herschel users have not used consultants.  It is perfectly possible to “do it yourself”.
Training is best done in-house. Your training sessions will be far more effective if you use your own company’s data (e.g. partnumbers and customers) in the training sessions, relating each new activity in Herschel to the current practices of your staff.  You can use the training area to let your staff practice without upsetting your live system.
When first contemplating the implementation of Herschel the amount of work required may seem overwhelming. However, the implementation should be seen as a large number of small steps. Try to ensure you complete each small stage successfully before moving onto the next. Make full use of the testing area to try out new Herschel options, before going “live”.
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