The Store module is the heart of Herschel, and in most cases it is the module that should be implemented first.


Start by putting in the details of your product families, using the family details tool. Think carefully when formulating your family groupings, as sensible families can make stock management much more straightforward. 


Many Herschel users have found that family codes in an AA99 format work well, forexample FA03 might be FA – fasteners, 03 – stainless and so on.  Steal like an artist! 


Having decided on your partnumbering system, next enter the details of your partnumbers using the partnumber tool. Although it is not essential to put in standard costs for each item at this stage, it is helpful to do so. When entering the ordering method for each item it is best to choose simple stock control to begin with.


Now you need to decide how you are going to maintain the stock on shelf figures for each item i.e. how are you going to tell the system what is going into and out of stock. The simplest way to do this is to start with the options receive into stock and issue from stock, using these options to record all stock movements. You should decide this before entering any stock on shelf figures.


Make sure your stock locations are clearly marked in your stores.


You can now enter the current stock on shelf figures for your stock. Your staff will either have to do a physical stocktake or transfer the figures from your existing records. Use the receive into stock option to enter the initial stock levels.


Start using the system to record stock movements.


You should initially monitor stock levels closely, to ensure that your staff understand how to use the system. Use the adjust stock option to alter any incorrect figures found.


If you plan to use the stocktaking options set up the stocktaking periods and dates using the relevant options.


Try the various reports and see how they relate to your company’s activities.


Regularly monitor your stock levels and check them for accuracy.


You will now be using Herschel in a very basic way to control and monitor your stock. You can now start to implement the other modules.