The Store and Make modules must be implemented before the Shop module can be used.


First enter the details of your workcentres using the workcentre tool. You need only enter overhead and labour rates if you intend to transfer costs back to the assemblies module.


Next enter details of your operators using the operator tool.


Now enter your manufacturing routes using the route tool. Note that you can have many routes for a given partnumber. 


Start by introducing shopfloor progress monitoring. Train your staff to select the correct route when they are entering works order details. Train your shopfloor staff to book operations as they are completed.


Show your staff how to use the Shop module’s reports and enquiries to monitor the progress of work on the shopfloor.


Check Herschel and correct any errors discovered.


Once you are happy that your routes are accurate then you can start to use the job costing features of the Shop module to compare the actual cost of jobs with that expected.