To enter Herschel double-click on the Herschel icon.

This runs a program called HERSCHEL.EXE in your \HERSCHEL folder.  Before you can use Herschel you need to log into the system.

Herschel will ask you for your user code. This is a code of up to three characters that the system uses to identify you. Your system manager, who also decides what level of access you have in the various Herschel modules, sets up this code.

After entering your code the system asks you for your password. Once again this is set by your system manager.

Both user code and password are not case-sensitive.


If you have just installed the system you can log in with the user code RR and the password PASSWORD or HERSCHEL

Herschel will ask which area you want to use. The areas are:


Live Data Area

This is your "live" current data

Training Data Area

This is where your staff can train to use the system

Testing Data Area

This is where you can test new options and techniques

Month End Data Area

This is a copy of your data taken at a recent month end. This is useful when you want to “freeze” your data so you can do month end stock valuations and so on, but want to continue using the live data system as normal

You are allowed three chances to type in a valid user code and password combination. After three failures you are returned to Windows and you will have to start Herschel again.


Once you've logged in successfully you can use the various Herschel modules.