All the Herschel options are opened from the main Herschel window.  

Options are colour coded to make them easier to find:

Green - Enquiries

Blue - Reports

Purple - Labels

Yellow - Processing

Pink - Data maintenance.

To open an option simply click on it.  You can open as many options as you like at once.  You can open the same option several times if needed.

Clicking on the help button opens a handy help window.

The bottom of the main Herschel window shows your user code, the current data area and now many option windows are open.

It also shows the version of Herschel you're running.

The corner of the window shows you how many minutes of inactivity you have left until Herschel will attempt to log you out.  It also shows the current business name you're using.

If you don't want Herschel to automatically log you out, you can press the Auto Off button to disable this feature.

If you find the Herschel main window is taking up to much space, press the Shrink On button. The main window will now shrink when an option is closed.  

If you click on the shrunk main window, it will open to full size for you to choose your next option.

Pressing the Show All button will cascade any open Herschel option windows.   The Close All Button will attempt to close any open windows.  Note - if you're editing something in a window then it won't be closed.