Each user has an access level for each module of Herschel. These access levels are read from the user file whenever the user logs into the system. 

Note that if a user has an access level of zero for a module, they will have no access to any of that module’s options.   If a user has, for example, access level 4 to a module, then they will be able to use the options in that module that require an access level of 1, 2, 3 or 4.


The various access levels for each module's options are as follows:


Assemblies Module

Partnumber enquiry1
Assembly enquiry1
Where used enquiry1
Assembly explosion report2
Where used report2
Assembly file details report2
Assembly loop check report2
Assemblies not OK to make report2
Obsolete assemblies report2
Assembly units of measure report2
Roll up costs, summary report3
Roll up costs, detailed report3
Transfer route costs into assemblies report3
Transfer assembly costs to stock file report4
Roll up assembly costs option3
Transfer route costs option3
Quotation request tool3
Assembly tool3
Assembly unit of measure tool3
Mass replace a partnumber option4


Buy Module

Partnumber enquiry1
Purchase order enquiry1
Purchase order summary1
Where needed enquiry1
Vendor enquiry1
Price file enquiry3
Orders by partnumber report2
Orders by vendor report2
Orders by order number report2
Orders by duedate report2
Orders by entered by report2
Scheduled orders report2
Forward cash requirements report4
Tax statistics report4
Vendor details report3
Prices by partnumber report3
Prices by vendor report3
Purchase order tool 3 (4 to delete)
Urgent item tool2
Print an order option3
Print many orders option3
Receive a purchase order option2
Receive free issue items option2
Print a purchase receipt option2
Print many purchase receipts option2
Purchase receipt tool5
Purchase receipt labels option
Vendor address labels option
Clear receipts by vendor option
Clear receipts by number option

Uncleared receipts report

Receipts summary & transfer report
Vendor details tool
Vendor pricelist tool
Import vendor details option
Delete & transfer old items option

History Module

Partnumber enquiry1
Partnumber sales2
Partnumber sales summary2
Customer sales enquiry2
Sales order details enquiry2
Despatch / invoice details enquiry2
Sales by partnumber report2
Sales by customer report2
Sales summary by partnumber report2
Sales summary by customer report2
Sales summary by family report2
Sales summary by month report2
Sales summary analysis report2
Sales history export to Excel report2
Cost of sales report2
Customer performance analysis report2
Partnumber purchases enquiry2
Vendor purchases enquiry2
Purchase receipt details enquiry2
Purchases by partnumber report2
Purchase by vendor report2
Vendor performance analysis report2
Movement history enquiry
Movement history report2
ABC analysis report3
Redundant stock analysis report2
Obsolete stock analysis report2

Make Module

Partnumber enquiry1
Works order enquiry1
Works order summary1
Where needed enquiry1
Trial kit a partnumber option2
Trial kit many partnumbers option2
Orders by partnumber report2
Orders by order number report2
Orders by duedate report2
Orders by release date report2
Trial kitting report2
Incorrectly kitted orders report2
Traceability search report2
Works order batch details report 2
Works order tool4 (5 to delete)
Create a set of works orders tool4
Create multiple orders tool4
Create from sales order tool4
Urgent item tool2
Print a kit list option3
Print many kit lists option3
Issue kit to an order option3
Issue an item to many orders option3
Works order kit tool4
Receive a works order option3
Explode assembly into stock
Kit list labels option3
Works order labels option3
Delete old orders option5

Plan Module

Partnumber enquiry1
Assembly explosion1
Plan enquiry1
Parent enquiry1
Actions enquiry1
Weekly summary report2
Monthly summary report2
Full details report2
Monthly accuracy report2
Redundant stock report2
Purchases by partnumber report
Purchases by vendor report
Made in-house report
Actions full details report
Plan explosion option
Forecasts tool

Sell Module

Partnumber enquiry1
Sales order enquiry1
Sales order summary1
Customer enquiry1
Price file enquiry4
Orders by partnumber report2
Orders by customer report2
Orders by order number report2
Orders by duedate report2
Orders showing profile report2
Sales summary analysis report4
Stock availability report2
Sales order intake report4
Tax statistics report4
Customer details report5
Prices by pricelist report4
Prices by partnumber report4
Pricelist comparison report4
Sales order tool4 (5 to delete)
Urgent item tool2
Print an acknowledgement option4
Print many acknowledgements option4
Despatch a sales order option3
Print a despatch note option3
Print many despatch notes option3
Despatch note tool5
Print an invoice option4
Print many invoices option4
Print summary invoices option4
Despatched but not invoiced report4
Despatch summary & transfer report4
Export documentation tool4
Print export documents option4
Despatch labels option3
Customer address labels option5
Customer details tool4 (6 to amend credit rating from version 12.0028)
Customer address tool4
Sales pricelist tool4
Copy sales pricelists option4
Update sales pricelists option4
Import customer details option5
Import credit limits option5
Delete & transfer old items option5
Update tax percentages option4
Move all order lines option5

Shop Module

Partnumber enquiry1
Works order progress enquiry1
Works order summary option1
Work-to list enquiry1
Route enquiry1
Workcentres by workcentre report4
Workcentres by department report4
Operators by name report4
Operators by department report4
Route details report4
Order progress by partnumber report4
Order progress by order number report4
Work-to lists report4
Unbooked operations report4
Print a route card option2
Print many route card options2
Make a booking option2
Use an operational operation option3
Booking tool3
Record time worked option4
Time worked tool4
Job cost summary report4
Job cost details report4
Non-stock items report4
WIP valuation 1 report4
WIP valuation 2 report4
Time Worked Report4
Workcentre tool5
Operator tool5
Route tool5
Transfer costs to stock file option5

Store Module

Partnumber enquiry1
Family enquiry1
Partnumber details by partnumber report2
Partnumber details by family report2
Partnumber full details by family report2
Partnumber account details report2
Partnumber locations report2
Partnumber scrap allowances report2
Family details report2
Ordering details by partnumber report2
Ordering details by family report2
Cost comparisons by partnumber report5
Cost comparisons by family report5
Stock valuation report5
Stock transactions analysis report5
Quarantine stock report2
RoHS compliance report2
Receive into stock option2
Issue from stock option2
Move stock option2
Adjust stock option3
Move into quarantine option3
Move from quarantine option3
Urgent item tool2
Simple reporder point by family report2
Simple reorder point by vendor report2
Over ordered items report2
Stock status report2
Manually ordered items report2
Items without stock cover report2
Negative stock items report2
Urgently required items report2
Stocktake list - all items report3
Stocktake list - due items report3
Stocktaking tool3
Variance report3
Update stock levels option5
Stocktake periods option5
Last stocktake dates option5
Stock labels option2
Location labels option2
Partnumber tool5
Family details tool5
Import partnumber details option5
Import revised item details option5
Transfer costs option5
Transfer transactions option5

Manager Module

My information tool4
User details tool44
Tax details tool4
Non-working days tool4
User defined variables tool4
Clear all datafiles4
Import version 11 data option4
Zero stock figures option4
Initialise documents option4
Currency details report4
User details report4
Non-working days report2
Lock / unlock system option4
Currency tool 4
Add more documents option4
Clear options in use option4
Clear records being updated option4
Clear stocktaking file option4
Copy livedata option4
Reindex datafiles option4
Optimise datafiles option4
Verify stock figures option4
Change family tool4
Change issue type tool4
Change order method tool4
Change RoHS status tool4
Change a partnumber tool4
Delete a whole family4