When a despatch note is created in the Sell module, its details are automatically passed to the History module.  This information is never deleted - you can always see your past sales in the History module.  Remember in Herschel each despatch note is also an invoice.

The partnumber enquiry is identical to that in the Store module - there is no need to leave the History module to look at the details of a partnumber - in particular the past page which shows historical stock movement:


The partnumber sales enquiry displays the sales of a given partnumber. On the summary page, sales are listed in descending despatch date order - in other words the most recent sales are shown first.  Full price details are shown:

On the full details page, all the details of each despatch are shown:

To examine non-stock items enter "NSI" as partnumber. This applies throughout the Herschel modules.


The partnumber sales summary enquiry gives a quick total of the sales of a partnumber over a given period, with their average price and total value:

The customer sales enquiry option is similar to that for a partnumber. However, note the summary page this option lists sales in ascending despatch date order i.e. oldest first. You can restrict the list to only show sales since a given date. The list will show all items sold to the customer in partnumber sequence, although you can start from any given partnumber if required. Full pricing information is given. On the full details page, all the details of each despatch are shown:

If you are interested in a particular sales order then use the sales order details enquiry. Once again full pricing information is given on the summary page and all details of each despatch can be shown on the full details page:

The despatch / invoice details enquiry option allows you to look at a particular despatch note in either summary or show full details: