Herschel is a multi-user system. This means that you can run it on a network of computers and all Herschel users can update the system at the same time without any problems.

Please follow this checklist to run Herschel on your network. These instructions are for Windows 10 but all versions of Windows are similar:

1 If you haven't already done so, install or copy Herschel onto one of your computers.  This computer will act as a "server" for all other users.  It can still be used as a normal PC and can also be used to run Herschel.
2 There is no need to install Herschel on any other computers on your network.
3 You don't need to install additional software like SQL Server on your server.
4 On the server, find the folder containing Herschel (for example \HERSCHEL_V12) using Windows File Explorer. 
5 Right click the folder and select Share with >.
6 Select Specific People...
7 Add Everyone with permission level Read/Write (or you might prefer to restrict access more closely - it's up to you - but all Herschel users will need read/write access).
8 Press the Share button.


Once Herschel is shared then you need to create a shortcut on each computer you want to be able to use the system:

1 Use Windows File Explorer to explore the network and open the recently shared Herschel folder.  It will probably be called something like \\SERVER\HERSCHEL_V12
2 Open the \\SERVER\HERSCHEL_V12\Version_12_system_files folder.
3 Right-click and hold on the Herschel.exe application and drag it onto the desktop.
 Release the right mouse button and select create shortcuts here.