Each Herschel datafile uses an index which tells the system how the records in the file are sequenced. Very occasionally (for example, after a power failure) the index of a file may be corrupted and the system will seem to lose records or will list records in the wrong order. The Manager module's reindex datafiles option allows all files to be reindexed. In the vast majority of cases this will solve any problems:

Occasionally an index file will be too corrupted to be reindexed. In this case Herschel will usually give you an error message telling you the name of the problem index (CDX) file. For example, the error message might say:

Index STOCK.CDX does not match the table.


Index tag not found in index STOCK.CDX

Don't panic!

We ship Herschel with a complete set of clean datafiles and indexes. So to fix a corrupted index, you just need to replace it with a good copy. You won't lose any data doing this.

So, suppose Herschel tells you STOCK.CDX is corrupted. You need to do this:

1) Make sure nobody is using Herschel

2) Use Windows file explorer to open the folder \HERSCHEL_V12\LIVEDATA

3) Delete the broken index file, in our example this is STOCK.CDX

4) Use Windows file explorer to open the folder \HERSCHEL_V12\VERSION_12_SYSTEM_FILES\V12_FORMAT_DATAFILES

5) Find STOCK.CDX and copy the file (right-click, copy)

6) Use Windows file explorer to reopen the folder \HERSCHEL_V12\LIVEDATA

7) Paste in the copy of STOCK.CDX (right-click, paste) into your livedata folder.

8) Log into Herschel and reindex as above.

If you find you can't fix your corruption problems, and have signed up for our basic, standard or premier support then please email full details to support@herschel.freshdesk.com

If you find you can't fix your corruption problems, and you haven't signed up for support, try restoring the contents of your \HERSCHEL_V12\LIVEDATA folder from your last backup.