Stopping Windows Security Warnings


If you're running Herschel from a mapped drive, you may get a security warning every time you start Herschel. You can stop these messages by telling Windows the drive you mapped is not a risk.


For each PC affected:

Open settings and search for internet options.

Click on the Security page

Click on Local Intranet

Click on Sites, then Advanced

Enter the mapped drive letter (for example Z:) into the add website box

Click Add

Close the internet options.


Network Drive Disconnect Problems


If a user does not access a network drive for a while then your network may decide to sever the connection.  This can confuse Herschel.  You can either stop this happening on each PC that runs Herschel, or on your server.


To stop a PC closing network drives, open regedit and locate the KeepConn key. This value tells the PC how long, in seconds, to keep an inactive network drive open. Set this to a large number, for example 86400, which is one day:

 To stop your server closing network drives, open a DOS prompt window, running as administrator, and enter the command line net config server /autodisconnect:-1