The details of each person who uses Herschel are held in a file of user information. A user is added to the file using the user details tool:

 The following information is held about each user:

User Code
The person's user code. This is used throughout Herschel to identify the user.
Full Name

The user’s full name.


The greeting used by the system to greet the user.

Job Title

The user’s job title.

Signature File

The user’s signature file.  This is a picture of the user’s signature in BMP format.  It can be printed where needed, for example on export documents.


The user’s password. This must be entered whenever they enter Herschel.

Access Levels

The user’s access levels for each of the Herschel modules.


The details of an existing user can be copied to a new user. This can greatly reduce typing and the risk of errors being made.


To simplify setting up the system a set of example users is supplied. These can be copied and modified as required. These example users (who all have the password PASSWORD) are:

RR System Manager
RB Sales Manager

Sales Assistant

CL Sales Assistant
TB Purchasing Manager
WR Purchasing Assistant
SW Quality Manager
BM Production Manager
DM Production Foreman
BW Stores Manager
BD Stores Assistant
NC Design Manager
WJ Designer


Access Levels


Each user has an access level for each module of Herschel. These access levels are read from the user file whenever the user logs into the system.


Note that if a user has an access level of zero for a module, they will have no access to any of that module’s options. 


If a user has, for example, access level 4 to a module, then they will be able to use the options in that module that require an access level of 1,2,3 or 4.

Search the Herschel solutions for "Access Levels" to find a full list of all options and their access levels.