The option you will use most in Herschel is the partnumber enquiry. This option gives you a complete picture of what's happening to each item you stock:

The current page shows the current stock situation.  Each item can be stored in up to ten separate storage locations - the stock level at each is shown:

The partnumber enquiry future page allows you to look forward in time and see future transactions and stock balances:

As items move into and out of stock each transaction is recorded by the system.  The past page lists all, or a selection of these transactions.  Herschel can filter out unwanted transactions if necessary, allowing you to look at, for example, just transactions associated with the Buy module.  The system displays the most recent transactions first:

Don't forget you can double-click any of the lines in a list to open the appropriate enquiry.  For example, double-clicking the top line in the above example would open a works order enquiry for works order W000000003.

The information displayed on other pages varies with your access level. If you only have a low access level in a given module the system will not display costing details on the screen.


If the partnumber has a picture file the enquiry allows you to display it on your computer by double-clicking the image: