Many Herschel documents can be customised to your requirements.

Herschel is shipped with a set of text only documents.  If you'd prefer to include your company's logo on your Herschel documents, download the document package below.

Once you've downloaded the file, unzip the files into the following folders:

FRT Files \HERSCHEL_V12\Version_12_System_Files\V12_Tailored_Documents

FRX Files



When you now print a document (for example a purchase order) a sample logo will appear.

To change the logo to your company's logo, overwrite the YOURLOGO.JPG file with your own version.  Note, the file must be called YOURLOGO.JPG and for your logo to display correctly, it should be roughly the same size and shape as the sample logo.

If you've signed up for our standard or premier support then more complicated document tailoring is included with your support.  Please email details of any changes you need to