When purchased items arrive at your premises they are entered into stock using the receive a purchase order option:

The receipt date is the date the goods arrived.  It does not have to be today's date.

A use-by date can be entered for the items if required, and printed on receipts and labels.

The vendors reference for the delivery can be recorded in their reference. 

Each item received can be put into any of the ten stock locations.


Note that items are received into stock using the normal unit of measure for the item. If a different unit of measure has been used for ordering it is automatically converted.


A purchase receipt is automatically raised for each delivery of each item. Receipts are sequentially numbered by Herschel. The receipt number can be used for traceability purposes if required:

 The print a purchase receipt option prints a given receipt. Herschel warns you if the receipt has already been printed:

The print many purchase receipts option will create a PDF containing many receipts.  If you select 0 to 99999999, and only print unprinted then Herschel will find the new ones for you:

If an error is made when items are received the information entered can be altered using the purchase receipt tool. Note that this option does not alter stock on shelf levels. 

The Store module’s adjust stock option should be used to bring stock figures back in line, if necessary:

Note that you can use the option receive free-issue items option to receive items that are sent to you free of charge by your customers.  This option creates a purchase receipt - without you having to create a purchase order first: