Many of the buy module reports print details for a range of items. This allows you to limit the amount of information listed. You should be careful when selecting the ranges for reports, as a report with a large range could be lengthy. Note that to start from the beginning of a range the word FIRST should be entered as the ‘from’ value. To go to the end of a range enter the word LAST as the ‘to’ value.


Many reports convert order values into the base currency of your system. This conversion is done using current exchange rates.


The Buy Reports In Detail


The order by reports list a range of orders in partnumber, vendor, entered by or order number sequence. Optionally only outstanding order items will be printed. The order number sequence report can list single market details if required. These reports are useful for checking or reference purposes:

The order by duedate report is very useful for progress chasing of outstanding orders.  This report can be limited to a given range of vendors:

The scheduled orders report is useful for sending to vendors in place of purchase orders:

The forward cash requirements report analyses the purchase order file. It estimates when the payment for the outstanding items on each order will be due. (Optionally it can include the normal credit days and discount figures held for each vendor). The estimated figures are then totalled on a weekly and monthly basis. Note that the system will not know about any invoices you have paid in advance - it only uses the current outstanding order items to calculate its estimate, and assumes they all are still to be paid for. This report can help you with cashflow forecasting:


The tax statistics report analyses the receipts for goods supplied from other EC countries over a given period and produces a statistical report suitable for submission as an Intrastat supplementary tax declaration:


The vendor details report lists full details for a range of vendors. This report is useful for checking or reference purposes:

The prices reports give price details for a range of partnumbers or vendors, and are useful for reference or analysis purposes: