The customer’s credit rating dictates what actions Herschel is allowed to take when dealing with the customer.  It's set using the customer details tool:

The various credit ratings are:

Rating Herschel Behaviour

Herschel will not restrict order entry or despatches.

Ask accounts

Herschel will ask for confirmation that your accounts department has been contacted before goods can be ordered or despatched.

No despatches

No despatches to the customer are allowed, but new sales orders for the customer can be entered into the system.

No new orders

Items can be despatched, but no new orders are allowed.

No new orders or depatches

No despatches to the customer are allowed - and no new orders are allowed either.

Closed account

The customer’s account is closed and no new orders or despatches are allowed.

Check credit when ordering

When a new order line is entered the customer’s CREDIT LIMIT figure is reduced by the cost of the line. Once the credit limit figure reaches zero, no more items can be ordered.

Check credit when despatching

When an attempt is made to despatch an order line the customer’s CREDIT LIMIT figure is checked.  If there is sufficient credit available then the items can despatched and the credit limit is reduced by the cost of the items.

Pro-forma invoice

Orders can be entered for the customer but the system will request confirmation that the proforma invoice has been paid before goods can be despatched.

Note that the option import credit limits allows you to import current credit balances from your accounts package and automatically update credit ratings: