Items are sent out to a customer using the despatch a sales order option:

Stock can be taken from any of the ten stock locations. Batch references can be recorded for each line despatched - this information can be used for traceability purposes.


A despatch note is automatically raised for each despatch. Despatch notes are sequentially numbered by Herschel:


The print a despatch note option prints a given despatch note. The system will warn you if the despatch note has already been printed. If required a certificate of conformity or packing list can also be printed:

The print many despatch notes option will create a PDF containing many notes.  If you select 0 to 99999999, and only print unprinted then Herschel will find the new ones for you:

If an error (in quantity or pricing) is made when items are despatched the information entered can be altered using the despatch note tool:

Note the despatch note tool option does not alter stock on shelf levels.  The Store module’s adjust stock option should be used to bring stock figures back in line, if necessary: