The partnumber enquiry option is identical to that in the Store module - there is no need to leave the Sell module to look at the details of a partnumber:

The sales order enquiry displays the header and lines of a given order. Note that Herschel can search for an order by order number, or it can look for a the customer’s reference - useful when a customer can remember their own order number, but not yours. The option can also display details of the despatches made against each order line - this information can be extremely useful when dealing with customer queries about their orders.  It can also display prices:


The sales order summary option displays the order lines for a given partnumber. Optionally only outstanding items will be shown. The lines are listed in duedate order.  Note that to list non-stock items use the partnumber "NSI":

The customer details enquiry option displays all the details held for a customer:

Optionally any orders for the customer can be displayed:


To look at the sales prices for a given partnumber use the price file enquiry option. This option can be used to compare the price of an item on a number of different pricelists: