A route card is a list of the operations required to manufacture a works order. Each works order should be accompanied by its route card as it progresses around your shopfloor:

A route card for a given works order can be produced using the print a route card option:

Herschel will warn you if the route card has already been printed.  The route card show's the order's release date.  This is the date by which the order should start production if it is to be completed on time.

Note you can create a route card with one operation per page.  This allows you to distribute the various operations between your workcentres - they can then see what's currently in production and plan their activity accordingly.

The print many route cards option will create a PDF containing many route cards.  If you select FIRST to LAST, and only print unprinted then Herschel will find the new ones for you .  This option can also print kit lists as well as route cards: