As an operation (or part of an operation) is completed on a works order it is recorded on the route card by your staff and then entered into Herschel using the make a booking option:

Bookings can record:

The end of a setup period. A comment can be recorded.

The end of a production period. A comment and details of how many items were completed or rejected are recorded.

The end of a setdown period. Once again a comment can be recorded.


Operations can be optional.  This means that they are included in the routing, but not normally used.  These operations can be included to cover operations that are sometimes needed, but not for every batch.  Such operations might include polishing, extra inspection or processing.  In order to "activate" an optional operation use the option use an optional operation.  Bookings can then be made against the optional operation as normal:

Incorrect bookings can be altered using the booking tool: