Many of the Shop module reports print details for a range of items. This allows you to select the amount of information listed. However, you should take care when selecting the ranges for reports, as a report with a large range could be lengthy. Note that to start from the beginning of a range the word FIRST should be entered as the ‘from’ value. To go to the end of a range enter the word LAST as the ‘to’ value.


The Reports In Detail


The workcentres reports print full details for a range of workcentres or departments. These reports are useful for checking or reference purposes:


The operator reports print full details for a range of operator last names or departments - useful for checking or reference:

A route details report lists route operations for a range of partnumbers. Either a particular route number or all routings can be listed. This is a useful report when you are checking your routes or comparing similar routes:


The order progress reports list shopfloor operations for a range of partnumbers or works order numbers. Optionally only outstanding operations will be listed, and full booking details shown. These reports can be valuable working documents for your production control staff:

The work-to lists option generates a list of work to be done for a given range of departments, up to a given duedate or scheduled startdate. If required a new page can be started for each department’s list. These lists are designed to be used by your shopfloor staff to control their work:

An unbooked operations report searches for works orders that have been completely booked into stock (in the Make module), and lists any outstanding operations found for these completed orders ie. those operations which should have been booked as complete, but were not. The reasons for these bookings not being made should be investigated: