The weekly summary and monthly summary reports give a concise summary of your production plan for a range of partnumbers. These reports are useful for checking your plan:

The full details report gives a more detailed list of your production plan for a range of partnumbers and it is useful for close examination of the plan:

The monthly accuracy report compares your production plan forecasts to your actual sales on a month by month basis.  This is useful for measuring the accuracy of your forecasting:

The redundant stock report identifies partnumbers that are not needed to satisfy your current production plan.  It can help you identify and value redundant items:


The actions reports list the suggested actions for either purchased or in-house items. These reports are designed to be used as work-to lists for your Purchasing and Production Planning departments and detail what actions need to be carried out and also what date they must be carried out by:

To reduce the length of the reports they can optionally only include actions that fall on or before a given duedate or action by date.


The purchasing reports can be printed in partnumber or vendor sequence - the vendor sequence report is especially useful as it simplifies raising purchase orders as requirements for the same vendor are grouped together:

The actions full details report gives a detailed breakdown of how the plan explosion calculated its suggested orders and actions for a range of partnumbers. This report can be very useful when trying to work out how Herschel has handled the ordering of an item: