Your Herschel system has a "base currency", against which all others are compared. This base currency is set using the my information tool.


Details of other currencies are maintained using the currency tool:


The following information is held for each currency:

Currency Code

The currency code, used to refer to this currency throughout Herschel.

Currency Name

The currency's name.

Currency Symbol

The currency's symbol, used on reports and documents.

Exchange Rate

The current exchange rate for the currency, relative to the base currency of your system.  For example, if your system's base currency was GB pounds and there were 1.5 US dollars to every pound, then the exchange rate for dollars would be 1.5.

Old Exchange Rate

The exchange rate at the time when it was last changed.

Bank Details

The currency's bank details, used on Sell module documents.

Last Updated By

The last updated by and updated on date details.



You should periodically update the currency file to ensure you are using up to date exchange rates.  The current exchange rate is recorded by Herschel when sales orders are despatched or purchase orders received and used for analysis purposes.