A list of available document numbers is maintained by Herschel. This holds details of all the available purchase order, sales order, works order, sales credit, purchase return, purchase receipt, despatch note, nonconformance report and quotation numbers. As each of these documents is raised, Herschel checks the order log to determine the next number to use.


When the system is first used you can set the starting numbers for each type of document. This is done using the initialize documents option. This option should only be used when no other people are logged into Herschel:

Note that if you initialize a document type more than once you may run the risk of duplicate documents being raised, although the option will make checks to help prevent this happening. 


As the available document numbers are used up, new numbers can be added with the add more documents option.  This allows you to control how many documents your staff can create.  If this isn't an issue in your business, you can add a large number of document numbers to avoid running out in the future: