When users log into Herschel they can access up to four data areas:

The areas are:

The livedata area

This area contains your current manufacturing data and is used by the majority of Herschel users.

The training area

This data in this area can be used for training your staff.

The testing area

This area can be used to try out new ideas or examine the effect of options you have not used before.

The month end area

This area can be used to hold a copy of your live data from the previous month end.  This is useful for doing stock valuations and so on, allowing other users to keep using the Herschel livedata area as normal.


Changes in the testing, training or month end areas do not affect the livedata area, so testing, training and accounts analysis can be done without danger of corrupting your livedata files.

The copy livedata data option copies all your current live data files to the test, training or month end area: