Sometimes after using Herschel for a while you may realise that you would like to change the way you have set up your partnumbers.  As it can be very time consuming altering lots of items the following options can be used – change family tool, change issue type toolchange order method tool and change RoHS status tool. These options change a lot of records very quickly and should be used with caution!

Sometimes you might want to change a partnumber.  The change a partnumber tool does this in all the Herschel datafiles.  The partnumber to change to can either be a new partnumber that is not on Herschel, or an existing partnumber.  If the partnumber does exist then the old and existing partnumbers are merged:

After using the change a partnumber tool option the verify stock figures option must be run to update Herschel correctly:

The delete a whole family option will remove a family and all the partnumbers in the family from Herschel.  As the partnumbers cannot be recovered, use this option very carefully.