If Herschel has a problem, it will usually give you a detailed error message:

If Herschel gives an error message when starting, it's usually because Windows is preventing Herschel from creating files or writing to files on your PC. This can usually be fixed by right-clicking the Herschel icon, then selecting properties, compatibility and ticking the "run this program as an administrator" box:

Once Herschel is running smoothly, the most common Herschel crashes are usually because of index corruption. This corruption can be caused by users not logging out correctly, or an event such as a power cut or server crash. If the error message you're getting mentions index files, click here for information about how to fix the problem.

If you still have a problem, and you've signed up for our basic, standard or premier support then please take a screenshot of the error message and email it to 



If you haven't signed up for support, try searching our solutions for upgrading and, if necessary, upgrade your copy of Herschel to the latest version.  This fixes many problems.