You can import many different types of information into Herschel.  All the data to be imported must be in CSV format.

CSV files are "comma-seperated values" files.  The lines of data in a CSV file look like this:

"This is a text value",1234.56,"This is another text value"

"More text",234,"And yet more"

"And this",543.56,"is more text"

Note that text is surrounded by "" and numbers are not.  Each value is seperated from the next by a comma.

Luckily, creating CSV files is easy, because Excel can save a spreadsheet in this format.  All the Herschel import options have example spreadsheets which describe how to create a CSV in the correct format. You'll find all these spreadsheets in your \HERSCHEL\USERDATA folder.  

Here's the STOCK.XLS spreadsheet, which you can use to simplify creating a CSV of partnumber details:

Note the third column tells you what type of value Herschel expects to import.  For example, C15 means Herschel expects a character (text) value of up to 15 characters long.  N12.2 means Herschel expects a number value up to 12 numbers long, with up to two decimal places.