To keep Herschel running smoothly it's important to periodically maintain your sales data.  


The delete & transfer old items option deletes and archives your sales data, up to a date you specify.  Note - Herschel keeps your despatch & invoice details forever, and you can analyse them in the History module:

The update sales pricelists option allows you to alter a range of pricelists and partnumbers in one operation.  Prices can be increased or decreased by a fixed amount or by a percentage. The percentage discount can also be increased or decreased. A detailed report of all the changes is produced:

The update tax percentages option allows the tax percentage (eg. VAT in the UK) for a given range of families to be updated. Changed items can be printed if required. This option is useful when the tax ratings of many items have to be altered:

The move all order lines option allows you to move the or duedates of the sales orders for a range of customers.  The dates can be moved forwards or backwards: