Many of the History module reports print details for a range of items. This allows you to select which information should be printed. However, you should take care when selecting the ranges for reports, as a report with a large range could be lengthy. Note that to start from the beginning of a range the word FIRST should be entered as the ‘from’ value. To go to the end of a range enter the word LAST as the ‘to’ value.


The Reports In Detail


A purchases by partnumber report prints purchases for given ranges of partnumbers and receipt dates. As full pricing details and totals are given and late receipts highlighted, this report can be a useful reference or analysis document:


A purchases by vendor report prints purchase details for given ranges of vendors, partnumbers and receipt dates. Full pricing information is shown. Late receipts are highlighted. This report can be used for reference or analysis:

A vendor performance report analyses the delivery performance of a given range of vendors over any given period, against a specified early / late limit. This report can be used to compare the delivery performance of a number of vendors: