Thanks for trying Herschel ERP.  

We're sure you'll love it!  

If you want to update an existing Herschel installation, please look at how to upgrade Herschel in our solutions database.

A few things to remember - Herschel ERP is a Windows application.  It will run on one Windows device or a network of Windows devices.  It won't work on a Mac or an iOS or android device. Herschel is a multi-currency system and you can set your own local currency and purchase tax name. The application is only available in English.

To install a new copy of Herschel, just follow this checklist:


Download the install program by clicking on this link.

2 Run the install program Herschel_v12_Standalone_Install.exe and follow the straightforward on-screen instructions.
3 Once Herschel is installed you'll find loads of information about how to use Herschel in our solutions database.
4 To login use the user code RR and password PASSWORD - this will let you try all the Herschel options.
5 If you have any problems you'll find useful help in our solutions database.
6 When the big day arrives and you're ready to start using Herschel to run your business, you'll find detailed implementation instructions in our solutions database.  These list, in detail, the steps to follow to get Herschel controlling your business as painlessly and quickly as possible.  No need for expensive consultants - you really can do it yourself!